Treasure Box People

20 Jul 2015 Jane Butcher

The Treasure Box People launched its monthly resource for families with children from 5 to 8 years in February 2015 to enable families to explore the Bible together at home in fun and creative ways, including prayer, crafts, games and much more. Now, a new family-sized treasure box is to be launched with enough crafts for up to three children, following the theme of the 'God's Big Story' series.


You can order a one-off Treasure Box or set up a six-month or yearly subscription. Once you have subscribed, a monthly box of resources will fall through your letter box during the first week of the month. What's the cost?

Regular Treasure Box

1 month - £10 (including postage and packing)

6 months - £55

12 months - £100

Family-sized Treasure Box

1 month - £15

6 months - £80

12 months - £150

More information about themes, ordering, multiple-copy discounts and free downloads can be found at

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