Easter ideas from Reverend Ally

19 Mar 2015

All sorts of free Easter ideas for all the family.

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Why Christmas - fun and facts for all the family

8 Dec 2014

The Christmas story, Christmas traditions, Christmas around the world, fun, games, quizzes, puzzles, things to make and eat... it's all there on the whychristmas?com interactive website.

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Exploring the Christmas story with special needs children

17 Dec 2013

The Inclusive Church website offers ideas to involve listeners, especially children, with special needs in the Christmas story by creating a special sensory experience.

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Halloween - ideas and resources

18 Oct 2013

With the profile of Halloween seemingly increasing all the time, how might we as parents and church leaders respond to this? Here is a range of ideas and resources that can be downloaded or purchased to explore Halloween from a Christian perspective.

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Summer ideas from Mumsnet

14 Aug 2013

The school holidays can seem like a long time. Mumsnet have put together a few ideas of things to do, places to go and some free worksheets to help provide ideas and entertainment.

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The Daily Doughnut

12 Apr 2013

This website offers bite-sized Bible study for all the family. The bite-sized activities are designed to be straightforward, flexible... and heaps of fun.

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1 Feb 2013

Pray4families is a website to encourage and resource people to engage in prayer.

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30 Apr 2012

Do you have a concern about the content of a child's TV programme, advert, film, video game or magazine? If so, you can post your views and/or complaint on the Parentport website and it will be passed on to the appropriate regulatory body.

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Who Let The Dads Out?

16 Apr 2012

Who Let The Dads Out? is all about creating a space where dads and their toddlers can have fun together. It is well established in the UK and is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God's love to communities.

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5 Jan 2012

UK website providing resources and support for families to meet God together.

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Dad Can Do

14 Feb 2011

UK website especially for dads offering both support and ideas.

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Care for the Family

5 Jan 2011

Christian charity that provides resources and support to promote a strong family life.

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Fresh Expressions

17 Nov 2010

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Home is a Holy Place

16 Nov 2010

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