Popcorn prayers: giving dry bones life

24 May 2016

Make popcorn from dry, rattly kernels to help you pray together about difficult situations that you'd like to see brought back to life.

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Eat, pray, talk - the Last Supper

27 Jan 2016

Gather with your family or a group of friends. Learn about the Last Supper, learn more about each other, pray using a fun 'prayer cube' and enjoy food together.

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Escape - the Israelites race for freedom but fear follows

1 Oct 2015

A range of activities for families to use at home to learn more not only about the story in Exodus but also how we can trust God in our own fears. Prayer bracelets, key chains and foody fun!

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My Keepsake Bible

19 Sep 2015

A delightful gift Bible that combines favourite Bible stories and prayers with a record book and family tree to cherish special times in a child's life.

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Treasure Box People

20 Jul 2015

The Treasure Box People launched its monthly resource for families with children from 5 to 8 years in February 2015 to enable families to explore the Bible together at home in fun and creative ways. including prayer, crafts, games and much more. Now, a new family-sized treasure box is to be launched with enough crafts for up to three children, following the theme of the 'God's Big Story' series.

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Picture prayer board book

6 Jul 2015

Introduce your young children to pray for people they know with this simple idea of making a board book and adding pictures of people on each page. Various different ways of using the book for prayer are also given.

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Lego prayers

29 Jun 2015

A simple and effective way to pray as a family using Lego or Duplo bricks. Can be used at home or in church.

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Building Faith

28 May 2015

The Building Faith website offers a variety of practical and fun ideas for families of all size and form to explore faith in the home, including ways to pray, reading the Bible and blessing each other.

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Happy Birthday - celebrating Pentecost

12 May 2015

Kids Friendly from New Zealand have brought together a wealth of ideas and resources from across the world to celebrate Pentecost.

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Education Sunday

23 Jan 2015

Education Sunday is a day of prayer and celebration for all those involved with nurseries, schools, colleges and education in general. It is usually celebrated on the ninth Sunday before Easter, which this year falls on 1 February 2015. Why not use this day to chat together about your family's experience of life at school - you might all find out some interesting things about each other!

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Love Life Live Advent

25 Nov 2014

This brightly illustrated resource provides a simple prayer activity for children and families to do together every day of December until Christmas Day.

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Messy remembrance

22 Oct 2014

Lots of background information on Remembrance Day and ideas that can be used at home, including Bible verses, prayers, songs, activities, different ways to explore the theme of remembrance by looking at how we experience peace.

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Pumpkin prayer

14 Oct 2014

For those wanting to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, here is a prayer to use alongside.

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Halloween heart of hope

7 Oct 2014

Some may say Halloween is a night of excitement, friendly frights and safe scares. But for the children of Syria, the fear is very real - and it's every night of the year. World Vision's Night of Hope offers creative ways of using the traditional Halloween pumpkin to offer a heart of hope to the children of Syria, showing them we have not forgotten them.

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Memory prayer pinboad

17 Sep 2014

Before the memories of summer pass - capture the moment. And, as you look ahead, recognise the hopes - and maybe the fears. Draw these together to celebrate and pray using your own personalised pinboard.

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Anxious about school - might a prayer loom band help?

12 Sep 2014

If you have a child, teenager, grandchild or godchild who is apprehensive about school, a prayer loom band could be a help.

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Bubble prayers

20 Aug 2014

A fun way for all ages to pray using a simple bottle of bubbles.

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Praying with chatterbox

30 Jul 2014

The 'chatterbox' has been popular with males and females of all ages for many years. In this idea, we use it as a fun and creative way to pray.

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Praying with loom bands

17 Jul 2014

The loom band craze appeals to both males and females, young and old, and can be used as a fun and creative way to pray for others and yourself.

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Prayer flower garden

29 May 2014

Make a prayer garden for all the family to use with everday craft materials.

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Praying fingers

21 May 2014

One hand, four stickers and two fun ways to pray for other people and yourself!

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Prayer cube

14 May 2014

What can we say when we pray before a meal or at bedtime? This simple, inexpensive and fun idea allows you to make your own prayer cube using the template provided. Just toss the cube and read the words written on the top as your prayer.

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Praying with lollies!

7 May 2014

A simple, fun and tasty way to pray together as a family. Simply colour some lolly sticks, select some prayer topics and you are ready to go.

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Ideas for grandparents and older people to support children

28 Apr 2014

Some fun and easy-to-use ideas for grandparents and older people to use with children at home or through the church congregation from theFuller Youth Institute in the US.

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The Daily Doughnut

12 Apr 2013

This website offers bite-sized Bible study for all the family. The bite-sized activities are designed to be straightforward, flexible... and heaps of fun.

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When God seems far away - seeing things differently

11 Feb 2013

Children and adults may go through times in their lives when God seems far away, or they cannot feel or see God in their lives. These can be difficult times for a child or indeed an adult. The following idea is a visual way of trying to help understand these times.

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1 Feb 2013

Pray4families is a website to encourage and resource people to engage in prayer.

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Children doubting faith - can the Bible help?

30 Jan 2013

Many children do go through times of doubt about their faith. It may be reassuring to know that there are people in the Bible who have also experienced this - for example, David in Psalm 3. But how can it help us in our times of difficulty or doubt? Find out more and explore four different activities suitable for both younger and older children.

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Remembrance Sunday - a fun way in

31 Oct 2012

This simple idea offers families the opportunity to enter into a fun challenge together leading into a focus of what Remembrance Sunday means and how families can pray.

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Halloween - good, bad or indifferent?

22 Oct 2012

Halloween can be a difficult time for Christian parents to talk with their children about why they do or don't want them to go 'trick or treating'. Yvonne Morris has written a 'side by side with God' Halloween special to offer Christian parents and children's leaders a way into discussing and exploring this subject.

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Thank you and good night!

7 Sep 2012

How do you end the day with your children? A mad flurry of activity preparing for school the next day... homework right up to the last minute... a bedtime story... or something different? This article from the USA suggests how parents might think about using this time with their children.

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Capture your summer memories

3 Sep 2012

The summer holidays may be over but capture those memories before they disappear. As a family, gather together photos and other items. Learn more about what each person has most enjoyed and use it as a prayer prompt in the months ahead.

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Fruity fun for Harvest prayers

31 Aug 2012

This fruity fun idea provides a way that families can pray together at Harvest time using four everyday fruits - apple, banana, lemon and grapes. Using these four simple items, we can pray for 4, 14, 40 or any number of people.

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Shabbat-style evening gathering

10 Apr 2012

Shabbat is a traditional Jewish celebration that takes place every Friday evening. It offers a richness of family time - giving thanks, prayer and sharing a nice meal. Meet three Christian families who share their experience of this celebration together with their children. Why not have a go in your home?

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A new year

31 Dec 2011

A prayer to begin the journey into the new year.

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Satsuma prayers

8 Dec 2011

One of the characteristics of late autumn and winter, and even Christmas, is the appearance of satsumas. Victoria Beech offers a simple, fun and healthy prayer idea using satsumas.

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Journeying side by side with God

9 Aug 2011

Children are naturally inquisitive and want to ask questions but when they ask a question, it isn't always the case that they want to be given the answer - rather, they want the chance to explore and find things out. This article shows how, as an adult, you can use 'a time for everything' passage from Ecclesiastes 3 to nurture a child's faith and share your faith with them.

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Barnabas Children's Prayers

29 Jul 2011

A collection of prayers to help children pray about all the different things they encounter day by day.

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Faithful Families

4 May 2011

Australian website offering ideas and resources to encourage families to put their faith into action.

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Prayer and thanks cross

18 Feb 2011

This simple idea gives families and individuals an opportunity to reflect on the highlights and challenges of life in the run up to Easter and beyond on a weekly basis, and to pray and give thanks for these things.

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Talking about feelings using colours

18 Jan 2011

Talking about feelings isn't always easy. Colours are often associated with feelings. This simple idea of using colours enables families to talk about feelings, and then pray for themselves and others.

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Wish lists and prayer

17 Jan 2011

Maybe wish lists are not just for Christmas and birthdays! If you could wish for 2 things, what would they be and what might God's wishes be? A springboard for discussion and prayer.

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All things new

4 Jan 2011

Using the senses of hearing, taste and sight, this idea provides a way of discussing and praying when facing change.

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Make your own Christingle

13 Dec 2010

A fun activity for all the family to provide a reminder, through Advent and Christmas, of the true story behind the season.

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