Holding on by a thread

9 Apr 2015

Holding on by a thread... that's how it feels… for some parents with young children in church. For those looking on, they may be irritated by the noise, the activity, the upset of solitude but for the parent it can be a real struggle. Read these words from someone who has been both parent and onlooker.

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Talking with your child - four keys

12 Nov 2014

US-based Sam Luce shares some wise yet simple ideas for responding to children's questions from his experience as a dad and pastor.

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Please Release Me

18 Oct 2011

Recorded at Spring Harvest, this CD 'Please Release Me: Independence and Letting Go' brings together three gifted speakers in Ishmael, Irene Smale and Rachael Orrell who share their experiences of parenting children of differing ages and how to 'let go' and release them into independence.

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Don't Just Stand There - Say Something

13 Oct 2011

Whether you have a child who can talk forever or a teenager who rarely converses, the art of communication is essential in family relationships - both the speaking and listening. But how can we do this effectively? Taken from Spring Harvest, this CD 'Don't Just Stand There - Say Something: Communication' brings together three gifted speakers in Ishmael, Irene Smale and Rachael Orrell.

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Jelly Telly

4 May 2011

US website providing Bible-based online resources for families and churches.

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Care for the Family

5 Jan 2011

Christian charity that provides resources and support to promote a strong family life.

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