Christmas card Snap (for younger children)

17 Dec 2015

Use packs of Christmas cards to make matching pairs of Christmas pictures, and play a game of Snap.

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Christmas card Snap (for older children)

17 Dec 2015

Use packs of Christmas cards to make matching pairs of Christmas pictures, and play a game of Snap.

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Party time - The biggest party ever

5 Sep 2015

Do you like parties? What is the best party you have ever been to? In the book of Luke, Jesus tells a story about an amazing party. This story was to help people understand that God invites all of us to his party - to know him and be part of his big family - the family of Christians. Why not use the following ideas in your home or share with families you know to learn more and celebrate.

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Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches

20 Aug 2015

This new book is not just for Messy Church - if you're up for some fun and creativity, there are 50 new activities, all with a 'dynamic' element. Can be used at home, in the garden, on holiday...

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Treasure Box People

20 Jul 2015

The Treasure Box People launched its monthly resource for families with children from 5 to 8 years in February 2015 to enable families to explore the Bible together at home in fun and creative ways. including prayer, crafts, games and much more. Now, a new family-sized treasure box is to be launched with enough crafts for up to three children, following the theme of the 'God's Big Story' series.

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Happy Birthday - celebrating Pentecost

12 May 2015

Kids Friendly from New Zealand have brought together a wealth of ideas and resources from across the world to celebrate Pentecost.

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Easter Sunday word search

2 Apr 2015

With Easter Sunday coming, why not take a look at the ideas already on the website to celebrate this special day by entering EASTER SUNDAY in the Search box on the Homepage. This word search is one of many ideas offering a creative way to explore the story of Easter Sunday as a family.

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Good Friday word search

1 Apr 2015

With Good Friday on the horizon, why not take a look at the ideas already on the website to celebrate this special day by entering GOOD FRIDAY in the Search box on the Homepage. This word search is one of many ideas offering a creative way to explore the story of Good Friday as a family.

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Ideas to mark Lent and Easter at home

3 Mar 2015

Looking for ideas to mark Lent and Easter at home? Then simply download these free activity sheets for younger and older children.

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From Christmas to Epiphany

27 Dec 2014

Christmas may be over more quickly than the children would like but Epiphany is soon after. Here are some ideas for all the family.

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Why Christmas - fun and facts for all the family

8 Dec 2014

The Christmas story, Christmas traditions, Christmas around the world, fun, games, quizzes, puzzles, things to make and eat... it's all there on the whychristmas?com interactive website.

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YouVersion: Bible app for children

30 Jan 2014

This free app offers children (with or without adults present) a fun and interactive way to read Bible stories, through the use of interactive pictures, animations and games. Suitable for Android, Kindle Fire and iPad, and no account required.

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Online Advent calendar

22 Nov 2013

Join the Friends and Heroes characters in their online Advent calendar to explore the real meaning of Christmas as a family and try some fun puzzles at the same time.

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Bible-based summer activities and games

2 Aug 2013

Looking for fun faith-based activities for the summer. The website DLTK offers a range of printable and online Bible-related ideas from colouring pages and mazes to word games and jigsaws, as well as crafts and cooking.

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Summer fun from Del Monte

12 Jul 2013

Celebrating fun, family and faith can be done in the home, the garden, on days out, on holiday and more. Simply spending time together as a family helps to get to know one another. Del Monte are offering ways for families to enjoy time together this summer - just simply visit their website.

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Summer activities for families to share

21 Jun 2013

Looking for ideas to have fun and time together as a family over the summer. Then simply download these free summer activity sheets.

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Epiphany - sleeping under the stars

26 Dec 2012

Epiphany is when Christians celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus. This is a fun activity for all the family to explore this part of Christmas.

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Flap the donkey race

10 Dec 2012

Don't get in a flap, take some time to have some festive fun flapping from Nazareth to Bethlehem. This fun game can be enjoyed by all ages as you recall the journey Mary and Joseph made.

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Family Fun for Christmas

19 Nov 2012

This book offers families 30 fun, interactive and inexpensive ways to celebrate the Christian meaning of Advent and Christmas in the home.

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Family Fun for Summer

19 Jul 2012

A book of 30 fun-filled, faith-related activities: 'What a fantastic little resource book to have on hand for times when the children are off school. Its entitled holiday activities, but truthfully a lot of these activities would work anywhere, anytime that children are a bit bored and you need inspiration for what to do with them! Each activity has a biblical theme or reference tied into it, so that makes this a good book for anyone involved with children's ministry too because there are some activities that can be tailored to Sunday school sessions. Simple crafting activities, food-based activities, outdoor fun and some simple word searches and spot the difference pages make this a really good all round tool that could be a lifesaver for a harried parent or time-pressed children's leader and at such a great price too - under a fiver, now that's a real bargain and most of the activities inside of the book are only going to cost pennies as well. Fantastic value indeed.' Review by The Good Book Stall

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3D Bible stories and games

16 Jul 2012

Does your child use any of the 'i' technology? BibleKids3D has just launched some new interactive 3D Bible stories. The series now includes Noah and the Ark, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion's Den, The Prodigal Son and The Christmas Story complete with animated characters, games and puzzles.

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Famous dads

28 May 2012

Famous dads - can you think of any? Have a go at this fun idea and test your Bible knowledge too. We'll give you some clues to get you started.

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Family Fun for Easter

22 Feb 2012

This book offers 30 interesting ideas for families to use in the home during the season of Lent and Easter.

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Egg and spoon obstacle course

27 Jan 2012

It's hard to give things up, and very tempting to 'give up' in the wrong way! Here is an obstacle course for Lent to see if you can stay 'on course' or fall off when the going gets tricky. It is both fun and thought-provoking, linking to the story of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness.

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Christmas carol fun

23 Nov 2011

This quick and easy Christmas carol game needs no preparation and can be enjoyed anywhere by people of all ages.

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Creative Ideas for Advent and Christmas

31 Oct 2011

This book provides 80 activities to use with children in the home, church and community year after year to celebrate the festive season.

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Jelly Telly

4 May 2011

US website providing Bible-based online resources for families and churches.

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Bible riddles

25 Jan 2011

A fun challenge for all ages. Can you answer these Bible riddles? This activity could be used as a fun time, or as a team game with friends and family.

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Christmas wordmaker

16 Dec 2010

A fun game for individuals or the whole family based on the word CHRISTMAS.

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