Handling our worries

27 Jun 2016

Ideas to help us deal with worry. God surrounds us and our worries, keeping us safe in his care.

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Popcorn prayers: giving dry bones life

24 May 2016

Make popcorn from dry, rattly kernels to help you pray together about difficult situations that you'd like to see brought back to life.

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One Human Family, Food for All campaign

25 Sep 2014

'One Human Family, Food for All' is the latest global campaign against hunger from Caritas Internationalis. Their animated video (suitable for adults and older children) provides a powerful image to explore harvest and sharing, and how we all need to be more conscious of our food choices and the impact this may have on those who suffer from hunger first-hand.

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Harvest matters

31 Aug 2012

Some ideas that you could use at home to remind us all, young and old, that thanksgiving and responsibility should go hand in hand.

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Summertime fun: creation-themed picnic

13 Jul 2012

Transform your summer lunch into a creation picnic in a few, quick, easy steps.

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Shabbat-style evening gathering

10 Apr 2012

Shabbat is a traditional Jewish celebration that takes place every Friday evening. It offers a richness of family time - giving thanks, prayer and sharing a nice meal. Meet three Christian families who share their experience of this celebration together with their children. Why not have a go in your home?

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