Exploring the empty tomb

18 Feb 2016

Ever heard something true that is hard to believe or understand? Ever had to convince someone that something ‘unbelievable’ really has happened? ‘Three things you didn’t know’ is a discussion-based idea that gives the opportunity to explore more about the empty tomb.

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The fascination of Frozen

10 Mar 2015

Deemed to be the most popular animated film ever, the adventures of Elsa, Anna and Olaf have captured the lives of many children and possibly many adults too. But why and what can we learn from it? Two professionals share their thoughts.

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LENT - spell it out

20 Feb 2015

Lent marks Jesus' 40 days of being tempted in the desert. What things tempt you? How do you resist temptation? What can we learn from Jesus' response? Using the four letters L-E-N-T and some simple discussion starters, share together your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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From Christmas to Epiphany

27 Dec 2014

Christmas may be over more quickly than the children would like but Epiphany is soon after. Here are some ideas for all the family.

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Exploring faith while watching Frozen

16 Jan 2014

Frozen is another Disney great, suitable for all ages. And it is not just a film for Christmas - it also illustrates aspects of the Easter story. Grab some popcorn and chat about it as a family or with friends. Some ideas are included to get you started.

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Remembrance Sunday - thinking about conflict and peace

29 Oct 2013

Why do people argue and fight? Is it ever right to fight? How do we feel when we argue? What does the Bible say about conflict and war? Explore these and other questions with the help of a Bible story.

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Remembrance Sunday - the cross and the poppy

28 Oct 2013

This idea looks at the story behind the cross and the poppy, shows you how to create your own remembrance poppy and looks at how Remembrance Sunday is marked around the world.

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Halloween - exploring light and dark

25 Oct 2013

Use these fun ideas with torches to explore what the Bible has to say about light and dark, and then discuss as a family how you might be a light to help others in darkness.

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Epiphany - sleeping under the stars

26 Dec 2012

Epiphany is when Christians celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus. This is a fun activity for all the family to explore this part of Christmas.

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Make your own crib

17 Dec 2012

This activity helps families make their own crib and consider what gifts they might bring, and ways to develop this further.

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Halloween - good, bad or indifferent?

22 Oct 2012

Halloween can be a difficult time for Christian parents to talk with their children about why they do or don't want them to go 'trick or treating'. Yvonne Morris has written a 'side by side with God' Halloween special to offer Christian parents and children's leaders a way into discussing and exploring this subject.

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Thank you and good night!

7 Sep 2012

How do you end the day with your children? A mad flurry of activity preparing for school the next day... homework right up to the last minute... a bedtime story... or something different? This article from the USA suggests how parents might think about using this time with their children.

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Journeying side by side with God

9 Aug 2011

Children are naturally inquisitive and want to ask questions but when they ask a question, it isn't always the case that they want to be given the answer - rather, they want the chance to explore and find things out. This article shows how, as an adult, you can use 'a time for everything' passage from Ecclesiastes 3 to nurture a child's faith and share your faith with them.

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Talking about feelings using colours

18 Jan 2011

Talking about feelings isn't always easy. Colours are often associated with feelings. This simple idea of using colours enables families to talk about feelings, and then pray for themselves and others.

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Wish lists and prayer

17 Jan 2011

Maybe wish lists are not just for Christmas and birthdays! If you could wish for 2 things, what would they be and what might God's wishes be? A springboard for discussion and prayer.

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All things new

4 Jan 2011

Using the senses of hearing, taste and sight, this idea provides a way of discussing and praying when facing change.

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Fresh Expressions

17 Nov 2010

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