Handling our worries

27 Jun 2016

Ideas to help us deal with worry. God surrounds us and our worries, keeping us safe in his care.

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Palm Sunday spinner

9 Mar 2016

Make this creative spinner at home to mark Palm Sunday. When the straw is rolled in the hands, the word ‘Hosanna!’ appears on the palm leaf. Children love watching this trick of the eye happen!

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29 Oct 2015

Exploring emotions - happy, sad, angry, worried, all are important. Make, talk and eat to explore them together. Can also be used with the Get Messy! theme for November - 'Remembering'.

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Escape - the Israelites race for freedom but fear follows

1 Oct 2015

A range of activities for families to use at home to learn more not only about the story in Exodus but also how we can trust God in our own fears. Prayer bracelets, key chains and foody fun!

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Party time - The biggest party ever

5 Sep 2015

Do you like parties? What is the best party you have ever been to? In the book of Luke, Jesus tells a story about an amazing party. This story was to help people understand that God invites all of us to his party - to know him and be part of his big family - the family of Christians. Why not use the following ideas in your home or share with families you know to learn more and celebrate.

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Stained glass Christian symbols

29 Aug 2015

Just four items needed to create some lovely Christian window decorations - templates for six designs provided.

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Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches

20 Aug 2015

This new book is not just for Messy Church - if you're up for some fun and creativity, there are 50 new activities, all with a 'dynamic' element. Can be used at home, in the garden, on holiday...

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Treasure Box People

20 Jul 2015

The Treasure Box People launched its monthly resource for families with children from 5 to 8 years in February 2015 to enable families to explore the Bible together at home in fun and creative ways. including prayer, crafts, games and much more. Now, a new family-sized treasure box is to be launched with enough crafts for up to three children, following the theme of the 'God's Big Story' series.

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Celebrating Father's Day

15 Jun 2015

Here is an old favourite to make a simple but meaningful card for those men who you would like to celebrate being part of your life on Father's Day - dads, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers or friends.

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Happy Birthday - celebrating Pentecost

12 May 2015

Kids Friendly from New Zealand have brought together a wealth of ideas and resources from across the world to celebrate Pentecost.

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Easter ideas from Reverend Ally

19 Mar 2015

All sorts of free Easter ideas for all the family.

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Valentine's Day for all - say it from the heart

8 Feb 2015

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate love and relationships - not just the romantic celebration between two people but also between family and friends. Celebrate using this simple but fun activity of writing thoughts on hearts.

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Print and colour nativity star

22 Dec 2014

Simply print off and colour this nativity star.

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Why Christmas - fun and facts for all the family

8 Dec 2014

The Christmas story, Christmas traditions, Christmas around the world, fun, games, quizzes, puzzles, things to make and eat... it's all there on the whychristmas?com interactive website.

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Advent calendars galore

27 Nov 2014

Here's a selection of ideas for making your own Advent calendar, so why not have a go - you can always have a shop-bought one as well!

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Messy remembrance

22 Oct 2014

Lots of background information on Remembrance Day and ideas that can be used at home, including Bible verses, prayers, songs, activities, different ways to explore the theme of remembrance by looking at how we experience peace.

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Halloween sparkle

19 Oct 2014

Halloween can lead to a variety of opinions - some are not comfortable with it, others are, some feel it can be a time of 'safe scares', while others may choose alternative approaches or celebrate All Saints' Day instead. The following simple decorative and edible ideas are offered for families to use if, and as, they feel appropriate to explore Bible themes of 'light and dark', bringing some light into the darkness, and smiley rather than scary faces.

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Pumpkin prayer

14 Oct 2014

For those wanting to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, here is a prayer to use alongside.

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Kids Alive!

11 Oct 2014

Kids Alive! is the UK's only Christian weekly comic for 7-12 year olds. Produced by The Salvation Army, it is available in print form or as a downloadable app. It is full of jokes, puzzles, competitions, Bible-based cartoon strips, fun fact files, things to make and much more.

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Halloween heart of hope

7 Oct 2014

Some may say Halloween is a night of excitement, friendly frights and safe scares. But for the children of Syria, the fear is very real - and it's every night of the year. World Vision's Night of Hope offers creative ways of using the traditional Halloween pumpkin to offer a heart of hope to the children of Syria, showing them we have not forgotten them.

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Memory prayer pinboad

17 Sep 2014

Before the memories of summer pass - capture the moment. And, as you look ahead, recognise the hopes - and maybe the fears. Draw these together to celebrate and pray using your own personalised pinboard.

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Anxious about school - might a prayer loom band help?

12 Sep 2014

If you have a child, teenager, grandchild or godchild who is apprehensive about school, a prayer loom band could be a help.

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Edible crafts to explore faith at home

14 Aug 2014

Have fun together as a family while exploring Bible stories with some simple edible Bible crafts (savoury and sweet) that use readily available ingredients and equipment and require no cooking.

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Praying with chatterbox

30 Jul 2014

The 'chatterbox' has been popular with males and females of all ages for many years. In this idea, we use it as a fun and creative way to pray.

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Praying with loom bands

17 Jul 2014

The loom band craze appeals to both males and females, young and old, and can be used as a fun and creative way to pray for others and yourself.

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Names of God dominoes game

25 Jun 2014

A dominoes game to celebrate the names and nature of God. It is quick and easy to make and play!

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Prayer flower garden

29 May 2014

Make a prayer garden for all the family to use with everday craft materials.

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Prayer cube

14 May 2014

What can we say when we pray before a meal or at bedtime? This simple, inexpensive and fun idea allows you to make your own prayer cube using the template provided. Just toss the cube and read the words written on the top as your prayer.

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Praying with lollies!

7 May 2014

A simple, fun and tasty way to pray together as a family. Simply colour some lolly sticks, select some prayer topics and you are ready to go.

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Make your own Easter garden

14 Apr 2014

Making an Easter garden is a visual reminder of the setting in which Jesus died and then rose again to new life. Suitable for all ages, it is something that can be an important part for families preparing for Easter.

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Celebrating Lent and Easter with all ages

31 Mar 2014

Godspace, part of Mustard Seed Associates, has brought together a host of ideas from various sources for celebrating Lent and Easter with people of all ages and denomination at home or in church.

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Holy Week calendars

17 Mar 2014

Looking for an Easter craft? Then, why not try out these colour-in calendars for Holy Week.

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Carry it with you

23 Jan 2014

This simple craft idea helps to think about God protecting us wherever we are and wherever we go. It is a reminder of God's promise of protection in Psalm 139.

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Remembrance Sunday - the cross and the poppy

28 Oct 2013

This idea looks at the story behind the cross and the poppy, shows you how to create your own remembrance poppy and looks at how Remembrance Sunday is marked around the world.

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Halloween-friendly pumkins

23 Oct 2013

The tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween need not be all about scary faces. Why not try the following as a family?

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Summer memories

30 Aug 2013

Summer may be coming to an end but we can keep the memories alive! Have you done things, been places, had fun? Create a special memories board to remind you.

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Summer ideas from Mumsnet

14 Aug 2013

The school holidays can seem like a long time. Mumsnet have put together a few ideas of things to do, places to go and some free worksheets to help provide ideas and entertainment.

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Bible-based summer activities and games

2 Aug 2013

Looking for fun faith-based activities for the summer. The website DLTK offers a range of printable and online Bible-related ideas from colouring pages and mazes to word games and jigsaws, as well as crafts and cooking.

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Bible story colouring pages

28 Jun 2013

Find out about the newly designed world of Buck Denver as he asks... What's in the Bible? from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. There is lots to be found on this faith-based website including free downloadable colouring pages from the stories of the Bible ideal for younger children during the holidays whether at home, in the car, out on a picnic or whenever you hear the words 'I'm bored'.

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Summer activities for families to share

21 Jun 2013

Looking for ideas to have fun and time together as a family over the summer. Then simply download these free summer activity sheets.

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The Daily Doughnut

12 Apr 2013

This website offers bite-sized Bible study for all the family. The bite-sized activities are designed to be straightforward, flexible... and heaps of fun.

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Mothering Sunday - creative collage

25 Feb 2013

Mum, nan, aunt, friend, neighbour… this fun collage helps us to celebrate, pray and say thank you for those ladies who have played an important part in our lives.

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Children doubting faith - can the Bible help?

30 Jan 2013

Many children do go through times of doubt about their faith. It may be reassuring to know that there are people in the Bible who have also experienced this - for example, David in Psalm 3. But how can it help us in our times of difficulty or doubt? Find out more and explore four different activities suitable for both younger and older children.

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Make your own crib

17 Dec 2012

This activity helps families make their own crib and consider what gifts they might bring, and ways to develop this further.

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Make your own Advent calendar

30 Nov 2012

A simple fun way for all the family to explore together the traditional Christmas story during Advent. With or without chocolate, the choice is yours...

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Family Fun for Christmas

19 Nov 2012

This book offers families 30 fun, interactive and inexpensive ways to celebrate the Christian meaning of Advent and Christmas in the home.

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Christmas around the world

12 Nov 2012

How is Christmas celebrated around the world? Explore ideas from New Zealand, Southern India, Chile and Argentina including 'summer' Christmas cards, decorations and edible hay bales.

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Capture your summer memories

3 Sep 2012

The summer holidays may be over but capture those memories before they disappear. As a family, gather together photos and other items. Learn more about what each person has most enjoyed and use it as a prayer prompt in the months ahead.

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Medals for all!

23 Jul 2012

Everyone is a winner. Use this fun idea to make your own medals, have an awards ceremony and build one another up with positive words in the process.

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Family Fun for Summer

19 Jul 2012

A book of 30 fun-filled, faith-related activities: 'What a fantastic little resource book to have on hand for times when the children are off school. Its entitled holiday activities, but truthfully a lot of these activities would work anywhere, anytime that children are a bit bored and you need inspiration for what to do with them! Each activity has a biblical theme or reference tied into it, so that makes this a good book for anyone involved with children's ministry too because there are some activities that can be tailored to Sunday school sessions. Simple crafting activities, food-based activities, outdoor fun and some simple word searches and spot the difference pages make this a really good all round tool that could be a lifesaver for a harried parent or time-pressed children's leader and at such a great price too - under a fiver, now that's a real bargain and most of the activities inside of the book are only going to cost pennies as well. Fantastic value indeed.' Review by The Good Book Stall

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Build a walled city

16 Jul 2012

Ever fancied building your own walled city? What would you put inside? How high would you build the wall? What can you use to build the strongest, highest tower?

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Colour-changing flowers

11 Jul 2012

Did you know that flowers can change colour? They can! This fun, low-cost idea shows how. It also reminds us not only of God's wonderful creation of flowers, animals and us, but also of how special we are to God and how he can change us into something even better.

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Who Let The Dads Out?

16 Apr 2012

Who Let The Dads Out? is all about creating a space where dads and their toddlers can have fun together. It is well established in the UK and is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God's love to communities.

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Family Fun for Easter

22 Feb 2012

This book offers 30 interesting ideas for families to use in the home during the season of Lent and Easter.

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Story Box Bible Tales

23 Jan 2012

This book offers creative ways for adults and children aged 6 to 10 years to explore 25 Bible stories together.

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Creative Ideas for Advent and Christmas

31 Oct 2011

This book provides 80 activities to use with children in the home, church and community year after year to celebrate the festive season.

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Messy Crafts

5 Aug 2011

A craft book full of ideas for all different occasions linked to Bible themes.

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Prayer and thanks cross

18 Feb 2011

This simple idea gives families and individuals an opportunity to reflect on the highlights and challenges of life in the run up to Easter and beyond on a weekly basis, and to pray and give thanks for these things.

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Dad Can Do

14 Feb 2011

UK website especially for dads offering both support and ideas.

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Christmas candle holder

17 Dec 2010

A fun activity for all ages to provide a reminder, through Advent and Christmas, of the true story behind the season.

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Make your own Christingle

13 Dec 2010

A fun activity for all the family to provide a reminder, through Advent and Christmas, of the true story behind the season.

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Christmas begins with an 'S'

10 Dec 2010

Some thoughts and ideas to help parents and children find ways to celebrate Advent and the Christmas story at home and remember the true meaning.

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