Popcorn prayers: giving dry bones life

This activity can be used with the Get Messy! theme for June 2016 - ‘The valley of dry bones’.

Buy a bag of popcorn kernels (not microwave packets).

Popcorn 1Put some kernels into a plastic or glass container. Gently shake it and hear the sound of the popcorn (like dry bones) rattling around inside.

What are the ‘dry bones’ for you - the things that you would love to see change? Maybe it’s a difficult situation at school or work, or someone who is unwell or unhappy? If you feel able, share those things together.

The story of the dry bones explains how things can come back to life when God is in a situation.

Popcorn 2Heat some oil in a pan and add the popcorn kernels. (This should be done by an adult.)

Cover the pan with a lid and keep it on until the popping stops. Standing at a safe distance, listen to what happens when heat is present. The popcorn comes to life.

Popcorn 3When the popping stops, carefully remove the lid - sometimes a couple of kernels carry on popping! See how it has become something much better than when it was dry kernels rattling around.

This may help us to understand that, in a similar way, God can bring situations to life. Talk to God about those 'dry bones' you thought of. Ask him to help you see if you can do things to help that situation come to life.

Popcorn 4Finally… toss in some oil, add your favourite flavour and enjoy your popcorn!

Have you tried sugar and cinnamon, grated cheese, or simply a sprinkling of salt or sugar - or both, for those fans of sweet-and-salty!