Meet Jane Butcher

Jane Butcher

Jane is responsible for developing the Faith in Homes ministry which is something she has a passion and vision for both as a member of the Barnabas Children's Ministry team and as a parent. She has a desire that parents, church leaders and others share in this ministry, and feel encouraged, supported and resourced to engage with such an important area.

Jane originally trained and worked as a teacher, but moved into church ministry in 1993. She has a wide range of experience in schools and churches from her posts in both the UK and USA. She has led training sessions and seminars in a variety of schools, churches and dioceses on many different aspects of RE and children's ministry, and is also an accredited Godly Play Teacher.

Having experienced communities and situations where faith and family are such important aspects of life, it opened her eyes to the ways in which the two could be celebrated together, finding ways that are appropriate for the particular situation or context whether that be the UK, USA or anywhere else.