Handling our worries

These activities tie in with the Get Messy! theme for July 2016 - 'Handling our worries'.

We all worry at times. Whether the issue is big or small, it can cause us to feel unsettled. God promises that he cares about our worries and will never leave us. His love will always be with us but sometimes it may not be easy to remember or we may feel that we are alone.

How can we remind ourselves and trust that God will surround us and our worries?

As a family, why not chat together about any worries you have? It doesn’t matter if they seem small - if they are important to you, then they are important and God cares.

Take time to listen to each other. You could use any of the following ideas, at home or away from home, as a way of bringing worries to God and reminding yourself that God is with us.


God's care - lego 1Take one brick of a single colour to represent you and the thing you're worried about. Then take two bricks of another colour and fix one above and one below the first, as a reminder of God’s love and care.

God's care - lego 1Alternatively, fix more bricks together to completely surround the worry. Put the block in your bag or pencil case, on a desk or in the car.

Food reminders

Why not have a family picnic or make up some lunchboxes for work, school or home, using foods that remind us of God ‘surrounding’ us and our worries.

God's care - sandwichFor example, make your favourite sandwiches - the filling representing us and our worries, and the bread representing God’s care.

Here are some more ideas (not for school):

Friendship bracelet

Make a plaited friendship bracelet of two colours - a single strand representing the worry and the other two strands, in a different colour, representing God’s care and promise to be with us.

Tie your plait to a bag or put it in a pencil case, purse or wallet to carry with you.