Ideas to use in the home

Handling our worries

27 Jun 2016

Ideas to help us deal with worry. God surrounds us and our worries, keeping us safe in his care.

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Popcorn prayers: giving dry bones life

24 May 2016

Make popcorn from dry, rattly kernels to help you pray together about difficult situations that you'd like to see brought back to life.

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Exploring the empty tomb

18 Feb 2016

Ever heard something true that is hard to believe or understand? Ever had to convince someone that something ‘unbelievable’ really has happened? ‘Three things you didn’t know’ is a discussion-based idea that gives the opportunity to explore more about the empty tomb.

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Eat, pray, talk - the Last Supper

27 Jan 2016

Gather with your family or a group of friends. Learn about the Last Supper, learn more about each other, pray using a fun 'prayer cube' and enjoy food together.

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