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Britain's families - thriving or surviving?

10 Feb 2016

A new UK-based report from 4Children, 'Britain's families: thriving or surviving?' covers six areas of family life and makes recommendations for future developments.

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We are Family - the changing face of family ministry

7 Oct 2015

Recent research exploring family life and the church's response to the changing face of family.

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Escape - the Israelites race for freedom but fear follows

1 Oct 2015

A range of activities for families to use at home to learn more not only about the story in Exodus but also how we can trust God in our own fears. Prayer bracelets, key chains and foody fun!

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Encouraging faith expression at home

12 Sep 2015

How do we encourage and live out faith in the home? This article on the Vibrant Faith website from the US offers a variety of suggestions.

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Welcoming 'old but new' comers to church

22 May 2015

Welcoming newcomers to church has recently become a focal point for many churches and some encouraging developments have taken place. But how do we continue to welcome and offer a place of belonging to 'old but new' comers to church: those who have attended for many years but whose life pattern has now changed? For example, those who have been widowed or undergone other family changes, or those who can no longer attend church for health reasons.

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Blessed but not with a child

7 May 2015

This thought-provoking article touches on so many issues that exist in churches. How does a church offer a place of belonging to all people so they feel valued for who they are? Highlighted here are the issues of engaging with couples who have no children - possibly due to infertility - and the way they can feel at times when the church is insensitive. But, it goes beyond that…

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Everybody welcome: two words, two meanings

30 Apr 2015

Many church services start with warm words of welcome - sincerely and genuinely offered by the person leading. But how does that work out in practice?

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Taking Spider-Man to church

21 Apr 2015

Sunday morning rush to get ready for church... child appears dressed as Spider-Man ready to go! The question flashes through your mind... 'Is it acceptable'? Or can he go just as he is... and can we as adults come 'just as we are'?

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Holding on by a thread

9 Apr 2015

Holding on by a thread... that's how it feels… for some parents with young children in church. For those looking on, they may be irritated by the noise, the activity, the upset of solitude but for the parent it can be a real struggle. Read these words from someone who has been both parent and onlooker.

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The fascination of Frozen

10 Mar 2015

Deemed to be the most popular animated film ever, the adventures of Elsa, Anna and Olaf have captured the lives of many children and possibly many adults too. But why and what can we learn from it? Two professionals share their thoughts.

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Family memories - a challenging social media message from a teenager to parents

8 Jul 2014

'Can't we go anywhere without you taking a photograph and posting it to all your friends' - a recent statement from a teenager to her parents. Maybe you have heard similar words from a parent to a teenager but how often have you heard it this way round? Can't we do anything that creates a 'family' memory just for us?

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Children and their social media: 2014

25 Apr 2014

CHILDWISE have released their annual report for 2013/4, in which over 2400 children aged 5-16 years were interviewed on a range of topics, offering some insight into the amounts of time children and young people spend engaging with TV, social media, mobiles, reading and much more.

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Are children becoming increasingly unhappy?

19 Sep 2013

Children - particularly young teenagers - are becoming increasingly unhappy according to a recent study by The Children’s Society. Why might this be? What can we do to help?

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Children and commercialisation

26 Apr 2013

Can children be children before they are consumers? A report from Compassion indicates that constant exposure to commercial messages is shaping the way children see themselves and the world - it is impacting on their desires, values and aspirations.

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Children and their social media world: 2013

19 Apr 2013

Ever wondered how many hours per day children spend watching TV, texting on their phone, gaming on computers, listening to music or playing sport? Find out some interesting facts and figures from the CHILDWISE annual report 2012/3, in which 2900 children aged 5-16 years were interviewed on a range of topics.

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The mysterious world of social media as explained by teens

19 Jul 2012

Texting, Facebook, Twitter and more - the 'digital diet' - we may love it or hate it but what do our teenagers think and how does it affect their lives? Read the findings from a Common Sense Media survery carried out of over 1000 American teenagers about why and how they use it, whether they prefer face-to-face chat and much more. You may be surprised!

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Working parents: Quality time with your children

1 Mar 2012

The challenge of working parents spending quality time with their children has been frequently voiced but are there things that can help? There are no definitive answers - what works for one may not work at all for others. This article offers some ideas gained from the experience of other parents. They could be used in a family with one or two parents, and with children from birth to teenagers. What is important is to adapt them to fit your situation.

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Are children happy?

16 Jan 2012

Are children happy? Not all are! At any one time, half a million children aged 8 to 15 years are said to be unhappy. Why? Read the latest research findings of The Children's Society.

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Busy, busy, busy - what is your 'duck pond'?

18 Jul 2011

Ever felt that life is too busy? If so, stop for two minutes and read this. It will be two minutes well spent that could transform many more minutes, hours and days in your busy life. Originally written by a single dad but speaks to anyone who knows what it is to be busy.

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