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17 Jan 2011

There is a growing awareness among many Christian organisations committed to working with children and families that the area of faith at home is an important one that does not always receive the attention it deserves. This may be because churches teaching programmes are more focused on other areas, or because families have left their faith development to the church and children's Sunday groups. Faith development is a 24/7 journey that grows with time and life experience with the joys and challenges encountered along the way.

At Barnabas, we recognise the need to develop ways of supporting parents, carers and children in their own homes. We seek to offer practical ways to encourage, empower and equip them to work out what being a Christian family means in the routines of the every day.

The Barnabas Children's Ministry team is committed to researching this area, developing appropriate resources and providing ongoing support (particularly for new Christians) for parents' and children's spiritual journey beyond Sunday.

During 2009, a questionnaire was sent out that explored experiences of faith at home. There were 273 responses.

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