Exploring the empty tomb

This activity can be used with the Get Messy! theme for March 2016 - ‘Unbelievable truth’.

Empty tombEver heard something true that is hard to believe or understand? Ever had to convince someone that something ‘unbelievable’ really has happened? The empty tomb part of the Easter story can be difficult to understand for people of all ages. ‘Three things you didn’t know’ is a discussion-based idea that gives the opportunity to explore more…

Three things you didn’t know!

Each person chooses three unusual 'facts' about themselves to share with everyone else. One must be true and the other two must be made up. Try to think of a true fact about yourself that the others in the group may not know.

For example:

A) I swallowed my first tooth that came out.
B) I have seen the Queen in person.
C) I have been on TV twice.

Only B is true.

Everyone has to guess which statement was the truth. The person then reveals their ‘unbelievable truths’.

At the end, discuss these questions.

In the Bible story in Luke chapter 24, the three women who visited the tomb could see that Jesus wasn’t there. He had risen from the dead. They ran back to tell the apostles, but the apostles didn’t believe them.

It’s OK if you don’t know the answers. Sometimes, talking about questions can help to make a story easier to understand. Listening to other people’s opinions, while you think about yours, can also be helpful.