Don't Just Stand There - Say Something

13 Oct 2011 Jane Butcher

From their experience as parents, the three speakers not only consider why communication is important but give specific examples of how that can be done effectively with children of all ages. Whether you have a talkative toddler or a teenager in turmoil, there is much here to encourage and support you in your role. Why not listen to this CD in the car on the way to work, doing the school run or whenever you can grab a few minutes to listen in instalments. It costs £3.99.

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This CD is also available as part of an audio pack 'The Family Agenda', which includes:

  • Don't Just Stand There - Say Something: Communication
  • Putting Love into Words & Actions: Building Acceptance and Self-esteem
  • Daring to Discipline
  • Please Release Me: Independence and Letting Go

This costs £10.99.

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