Catch a coin - an edible idea

The Christmas story talks about a number of ‘gifts’. The wise men brought gifts to Jesus and God himself gave Jesus as a special gift to the world.

It also tells us that Jesus came to be ‘a light in the darkness’.

Using some chocolate coins to explore the contrast between light and dark, all ages can have fun discovering their own gifts or treasures.

You will need: chocolate coins and a small torch for each person

One person goes into a room and places some gold-wrapped chocolate coins on furniture or other surfaces - not hidden under anything.

Once the coins have been placed, turn out the lights and make the room as dark as possible.

The other people in the house turn on their torches, carefully enter the room and sit down. Everyone shines their torch around the room. When they spot a coin, they call out their name and say where they can see the coin.

Coin in torch lightThe person who placed them moves carefully over to the coin, using a torch, and brings it to the person who spotted it. That person then shares one gift or special thing that they are thankful for - something that isn’t about Christmas shopping or wish lists, but something like friends or family, or simply chocolate.

This activity can also be used with the Get Messy! session on 'Lighting up the world' for December 2015.