'Buttering' people up to change?

10 Aug 2015 Jane Butcher

Maybe you have heard or even said this, but can people change? This fun but simple activity of making butter explores how people in the Bible were changed, and how we can be, too. And an added bonus - you only need three things and you can enjoy the yummy results after.

This physical activity will capture the attention, burn off some energy and result in some yummy rewards.

You will need just three items:


  1. Half fill your jam jar with cream, carefully seal the lid and then shake the jar for all you're worth.
  2. The process takes some time, so pass it on to someone else to continue when you are tired.
  3. You'll think it hasn't worked and then, all of a sudden, realise that something has changed.
  4. AMAZING - the cream will have separated into butter and buttermilk.
  5. Drain the buttermilk away and you're left with a lump of yummy butter.

FIH_MakingButterTalk about

Sit together and enjoy your butter on... bread, toast, crumpets or whatever you fancy, and talk about:


This idea has been adapted from the idea 'Making butter' in Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches (2015, BRF) - do take a look for more fun ideas.

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