About BRF

BRF is a registered charity and also a limited company, and has been in existence since 1922.

Our aim is to help people to experience the living God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - at a deeper level, and enable them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We're committed to finding new ways (for example, using the new media) to engage people of all ages with the Bible, both inside and beyond the Church. And through all that we do - publishing, training, Quiet Days, on the web - we work to resource individuals and church communities in their Christian discipleship through the Bible, prayer and worship.

Registered Charity No. 233280
Company Number 301324

Other websites:

BRF Online Shop - www.brfonline.org.uk Follow themessyblog on Twitter Visit Who Let The Dads Out? on Facebook
The BRF online shop offers an easy way to find out about and purchase all BRF books and resources.

Bible Reading Fellowship - www.brf.org.uk Follow themessyblog on Twitter Visit Who Let The Dads Out? on Facebook
The main BRF website has news, recent reviews, feature articles and information, as well as information on the wider work and ministry of BRF.

Bible Reading Notes - www.biblereadingnotes.org.uk
Featuring our popular Bible Reading Notes, this website provides an introduction to our different notes along with sample material for each series, information about the contributions and readings.

Barnabas in Churches - www.barnabasinchurches.org.uk
A one-stop resource for articles and ideas relating to church-based children's work with under 11s, from all-age leadership resources to mid-week holiday clubs and Messy Church. Also contains information and news about events and the work of our face-to-face ministry team.

Barnabas in Schools - www.barnabasinschools.org.uk
A great place to go for assembly and RE ideas for primary schools, as well as a source of information about the Barnabas RE Days and INSET sessions that our schools team lead across England.

Faith in Homes - www.faithinhomes.org.uk
Living out the Christian faith at home may not seem easy for families. The Faith in Homes website is a place of easy-to-use ideas, resources, events and other websites to help you live out your faith together.

Messy Church - www.messychurch.org.uk Follow themessyblog on Twitter Visit Who Let The Dads Out? on Facebook
Messy Church, a fresh expression of church, is becoming more and more popular as a means of reaching local families with the gospel in a comfortable, fun, creative and enjoyable way.

Who Let The Dads Out? - www.wholetthedadsout.org.uk Follow themessyblog on Twitter Visit Who Let The Dads Out? on Facebook
Who Let the Dads Out? is an extremely effective way for churches to engage with fathers, male carers and their pre-school children - particularly those with whom the church has very little, if any, contact. The vision is very simple: to 'turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers' (Malachi 4:6).

The Gift of Years - www.thegiftofyears.org.uk
The Gift of Years was launched in 2014 to resource the spiritual journey of older people through advocacy, joining up the dots and Anna Chaplaincy: a tried-and-tested ecumenical and community-based approach for supporting older people in the tasks of old age.